Weekend Paradise

 The beaches in Mexico are magical places where you have the opportunity to find the greatest fun and the most intense emotions. The beaches of Jalisco are titled in this regard, due to their natural conditions and the tourist services that have several of them available
Playa Careyes

In Careyes there are a lot of varied activities to do so you won’t get bored. Activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking and windsurfing. Those who choose to stay in the villas and hotels to rest, will have access to different boutiques of handicrafts, art, jewelry, bars and restaurants of pleasant atmosphere, etc.

 Playa Tehuamixtle

Our last recommendation about the best beaches of Jalisco, refers to Tehuamixtle. It is a small beach that provides shelter to sailors. Those who come to this place have the opportunity to practice scuba diving or swimming. There is even a very attractive sunken ship to explore. The nearby beaches are abundant in lobsters, banks of oysters and numerous fish of different varieties.

It should also be noted that Tehuamixtle is a frequent stopover for yachts transiting between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo and for yachts from California, with tourists interested in the beauties of the Mexican Pacific.

Two great destinations to visit on a weekend and wear your Seahorse swimsuit on any of the available models. Did you already chose you favorite?

Grab your bag and meet me at the seaside!


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