Summer seahorse

The most anticipated season of the year is yet to come, and with it the possibility of looking spectacular.

The best «look» to go to the beach this summer of 2017 is presented with the freshest clothes and with which to be able to withstand the heat but also follow the fashion trends for this season, which go through all kinds of prints and colors.

This year the protagonist, is Seahorse, with its Seafever collection a totally fresh proposal. In their designs you can find prints such as jellyfish, flamingos, palms and skulls in a range of vivid colors without leaving aside the classic basics.

We present now a series of ideal models to go to the beach, whatever your event, whether to enjoy the sun and the activities that can be done there, such as an improvised game of volleyball, or some sessions of water activities, surf , Or leave with the boat of some friend.

If your plan is with friends we recommend a swimsuit with jellyfish or flamingos, if on the contrary your plan is with family, we recommend a more formal design that can be between a basic or a striped swimwear. Whatever the plan, there is always a Seahorse that will suit you.

Get ready for the season of the beach, sun, the sea and the tan !.

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