Parents are an example to follow and their children seek to imitate them, do what they do and even dress according to their style. Meet SeaHorse Kids, and make the perfect match father and son.

It is almost impossible not to wish that father and son share the same tastes: enjoy a marathon of James Bond movies, play video games or listen to your favorite band at full volume. And although you should not force your children to have the same tastes, it does not matter at all that they are accustomed from an early age to dressing in style.
We present 5 designs from our seafever collection adapted to sizes for the little ones. Choose between sharing with your little one, prints of flamingos, palms or cartoons.

SeaHorse is the perfect brand for you to wear your little one, the suit is 100% polyester microfibre with a repellant finish, our suits go from being wet to being completely dry in a period no longer than 9 minutes.

The children will always want to look like their parents, so it would be better to give them the opportunity to do so without having to rob the closet and put on the suits, shoes and shirts that will always remain as tents. Together they dress a suit father and son of SeaHorse and do not blame us if they are the sensation among their acquaintances.

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