Milan cut by Seahorse

Innovation and quality in the products is something that characterizes Seahorse Swimwear; That’s why now presents a unique garment, it is the bathing suit ¨Milan Cut¨.

¨Milan Cut¨ is a bet on a new style of swimsuit that combines the elegance of a bermuda and the comfort of a swimsuit. Its repellent and quick drying material is ideal to go from being used in the pool or the sea to be presentable in any location.

The new collection offers designs and colors that range from classic plain, mandala style prints, or palms that will give a unique touch to your attire, however, always taking care to maintain a style of formality.

When dressing a ¨Milan Cut¨ you will not only be wearing a cool and comfortable bathing suit, but you will come out with style and good taste. We invite you to know a new swimsuit proposal that you can buy online with shipments throughout Mexico.

Seahorse Swimwear appreciates your preference.

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