Father & Son

My father was my teacher, but most of all he was my dad. Most children go through a stage of total admiration towards their parents and want to imitate them in everything. If dad shaves, they want to shave too. If dad combs his hair in a certain way, they want it the same way. If dad wears a striped shirt, they also want a striped shirt.


Nowadays there is a new meaning about being a dad and being fashionable. Lately, dads have become a fashion icon too, and Seahorse has proved it with their fashionable beachwear line for men in the new Father and Son Summer Get Away Collection. You can find adorable and cool father and son swimsuits to share the style and transmit it from one generation to another.


With this new collection Father and Son, both can look fashionable. In the new summer Get Away Collection you can find designs that range from the basics to fun prints like lobsters and beach shacks.

Shop online: www.seahorsesw.com

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