Dads are cool, too.

Some years ago, fashion talk left the dads at complete disadvantage; the reference to dressing in style had nothing to do with them, although it was not their fault, but the supply that existed around them; Nowadays things have changed, the dads are also cool and even more like a dad in Seahorse style.

There is already a new meaning about being a dad and at the same time dressing up in fashion. Dads can also be icons of style and Seahorse has demonstrated it with their fashionable beachwear line for men, in which you can find adult swimsuits, shirts and suits father and son to share the style and transmit it from one Generation to another.

Dads are also cool, even more those who dare to wear unique clothing such as a Sea Fever swimsuit where you can find designs that range from the basics to the fun as flamingos.

Gift this Father’s Day, style, give away a Seahorse swimsuit.

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